The Ranking of Universities and other Institutions posted in this site is not the work of Mahadum.Com, but that of Webmetrics Ranking of World Universities and Learning Centres.

The “Webometrics Ranking of World Universities” is an initiative of the Cybermetrics Lab, which is a research group belonging to the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), the largest public research body in Spain. In every six months an independent, objective, free, open scientific exercise is performed by the Cybermetrics Lab (Spanish National Research Council, CSIC) for the providing reliable, multidimensional, updated and useful information about the performance of universities from all over the world based on their web presence and impact.

CSIC is among the first basic research organizations in Europe. The CSIC consisted in 2006 of 126 centers and institutes distributed throughout Spain.

CSIC is attached to the Ministry of Education and its main objective is to promote scientific research as to improve the progress of the scientific and technological level of the country which will contribute to increase the welfare of the citizens.

CSIC also plays an important role in the formation of new researchers and technicians in the different aspects of the science and the technology.

The organization collaborates with other institutions of the Spanish R&D system (universities, autonomous governs, other public and private research organisms) and with social, economic, national or foreign agents to which contributes with its research capacity and human and material resources in the development of research projects or under the form of consultancy and scientific and technical support. CSIC was founded in 1939 from a previous body, the Junta para la Ampliación de Estudios e Investigaciones Científicas created in 1907 under the leadership of the Spanish Nobel Prize Prof. Ramón y Cajal.

The laboratory is located at the Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales (CCHS). This center started during 2007 and originated from the merge in one place of the different centers and institutes devoted to the Social and Humanity Sciences that belongs to the CSIC and were located in Madrid.

The Cybermetrics Lab, part of the CCHS – CSIC, is devoted to the quantitative analysis of the Internet and Web contents specially those related to the processes of generation and scholarly communication of scientific knowledge. This is a new emerging discipline that has been called Cybermetrics (our team developed and publishes the free electronic journal Cybermetrics since 1997) or Webometrics.

The Cybermetrics Lab using quantitative methods has designed and applied indicators that allow us to measure the scientific activity on the Web. The cybermetric indicators are useful to evaluate science and technology and they are the perfect complement to the results obtained with bibliometric methods in scientometric studies.


        The Cybermetrics Lab has been developing quantitative studies on the academic web since the mid-nineties. A first indicator was presented during the EASST/4S conference in Bielefeld (1996) and the collection of web data from European universities started in 1999 supported by the EU funded project EICSTES. These efforts are a follow-up of our scientometric research started in 1994 that has been presented in the conferences of the International Society for Scientometrics and Informetrics (ISSI, 1995-2011) and the International Conferences on Science and Technology Indicators (STI-ENID, 1996-2012) and published in high impact journals (Journal of Informetrics, Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, Scientometrics, Journal of Information Science, Information Processing & Management, Research Evaluation and others). In 1997 we started the edition of an all-electronic open access peer-reviewed journal, Cybermetrics, devoted to the publication of webometrics-related papers.

        In 2003 after the publication of the Shanghai Jiatong University breakthrough ranking, the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), we decided to adopt the main innovations proposed by Liu and his team. The ranking will be built from publicly available web data, combining the variables into a composite indicator, and with a true global coverage. The first edition was published in 2004, it appears twice per year since 2006 and after 2008 the portal also includes webometrics rankings for research centers, hospitals, repositories and business schools.

If you find discrepancies, please contact CSIC at:

Isidro F. Aguillo

Cybermetrics Lab-CSIC
Albasanz, 26-28
28037 Madrid. SPAIN


If you want to reach Isidro F. Aguillo via email, contact us here for his email address.

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