My pursuing her Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture at Estonian University of Life Sciences. We asked Malgorzata about her study experience abroad.

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What is your name and age? Where are you from?

My name is Malgorzata Halik, short version of it “Gosia”. I’m 23 years old, from Poland.

What is the name of your university, study programme, which discipline? When did you start studying?

Right now, I’m studying at Estonian University of Life Science at Faculty of landscape architecture. It’s my last semester of Master’s degree in landscape architecture. I started almost a month ago when I came here for Erasmus programme for one semester.

What made you choose this programme? How did you decide?

I was searching in regards to my Erasmus programme, I did my Bachelor’s in Portugal. Now I wanted to have a very different experience. So, I read about Estonia, I said wow! I’ve never been there as I have visited many countries in Europe. Then I decided now it’s time to go to Estonia.

I even researched the website of the university, I really liked the classes that were offered here, I mostly liked the fact that all the classes were in English. It compelled me to think, okay, it’s the right place for me to write my thesis. It was totally suitable to enhance my knowledge of courses I had in Poland.

What were the main challenges you had to face before being accepted to your university?

I’m guessing probably paper work at my home university. It always was the biggest obstacle, basically, I can’t say there were many problems. I even can’t say it was totally smooth. It was like okay. It didn’t take me much time.

What are three things you like most about the university? Why?

I really like the university, I like the university campus most; it’s very modern and conformable. Teachers are amazing here; their approach is awesome. They are very open toward their students. They are very easy to get contact with, you can even text them on Facebook on weekends and they never mind it.

I liked my study programme as well, classes are very much of my interest. I really didn’t get bored during classes. I liked this university much more than my home university in Poland.

If you could improve anything about the university, what would it be?

Oh my Gosh, let me think about it for a sec. Ha-ha! I’m really Impressed by the university and it’s much better than my home university in Poland. So it’s difficult for me to find out anything wrong with University of Life Sciences.

Well, there is one point, we have here classes which last for four to six hours in one day, that can be improved by splitting classes into two halves into different days. That will improve the productivity of the classes.

What are three things you like the most about the city?

About Tartu, first thing that comes to my mind is, it is not a big city but a small town which is actually a wonderful thing for me. I liked it very much. You can basically go everywhere in town on foot.

It’s so easy to get everywhere just in minutes to get mingle. I liked the architecture of Tartu landscape. It is quite fascinating for me. Tartu, itself is very natural place, it’s like a scenery. It’s a pretty place to live in. There are many parks, rivers and green lands. I’m quite familiar with the Tartu weather but still, it’s beautiful.

Name one thing you would have liked to be different about the city? Why?

Well, buses should go more frequently, I don’t use them that much but still, when I want to, I have to wait a bit. Maybe they are more frequent then I would like to use them as well because I live in the city centre and the university is at the other end of Tartu; it is not far, it’s easier to go at bus instead f going on foot. I prefer to walk, as the amount of time is the same even when I choose the bus.

Second thing is, I wish there would be more cultural events. Maybe because it’s winter now and more events happen in the summer, but I kind of wish for that in winter too.

What was the biggest surprise in your study adventure?

The biggest surprise so far, well, actually the teachers Invite you to be friends on Facebook here in Estonia. Ha-ha, it was kind of a shock for me, comparing to Poland; this never happens there.

That was the most amazing thing for me, you know teacher-student relations, it’s inspiring for me. This thing will stay with me for my whole life, I‘ll tell my friends whenever we meet on reunions and stuff like this. It was a positive surprise for me definitely.

When you are more close to your teacher, then you get motivated by yourself. You feel more important. I love that feeling.

How would you rate your experience on a scale from zero to ten (0 – It is/was a total disaster, 10 – I have/had the time of my life)? Why?

I would like to give 7.5/10.

Is there is anything that you would do differently if you could do it over again?

I have only been here for two months, so far, I don’t think that I ‘ll change anything. I’m pretty satisfied. I like Estonia and I liked the city. So, I’m happy here. There is nothing that I would like to change. All happened according to my way, so, I’m totally okay with everything.

Definitely, I miss the sunshine. I know that is not a thing that I can change. I’m waiting for spring to come. Let’s hope.

What are your future plans after graduating?

I want to travel a lot, in Estonia and all around the world as much as possible. I’m planning to go to Finland, then I’m going to Russia. I have planned how to move in Estonia, I have already been to Pärno and Taevaskoja, I really enjoyed them so, exploring the Estonian nature is the future plan.

Share your favourite spot, at the university and the city with us!

In university, I really like the launch, it is cosy and I mostly do my homework here, you feel like you working at home, it’s so comfy. In the city, Restoran Aparaat is my favourite place where I go and enjoy the most amazing food of my interest. I would like to recommend all other students and teachers to go there and enjoy delicious food.

Were you inspired by Malgorzata’s story?

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